Roasting Profiles

The roast profile is a sort of road map of temperature and time in graphic form. Different curves will result in different roasts. We have created a unique profile for every coffee that both preserves the origin characteristics and bringsĀ balance to the cup. When we develop a roast profile, we consider the degree and length of roast.

Degree of Roast- From Light to Dark

In lighter roasted coffees the origin characteristics are better preserved. The acidity is higher and the natural sweetness of the coffee tends to be stronger. If a coffee is roasted too light the cup character can end up astringent. As the roast gets darker the origin characteristics can become blurred or even lost. The acidity tends to decrease or transform into pungency. Initially, the body increases with degree of roast, but at a certain point drops off and the coffee becomes thin, even watery.

Length of Roast- From Short to Long

By varying temperature, a bean can be roasted to the same degree on a short to long roast spectrum. A general rule of thumb: the longer the roast, the lower the acidity. A very quick roast can heat the bean unevenly, leaving a scorched exterior and under-developed interior. On the other hand, a very long roast can taste baked or bland.


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